Pediatric Dental Care

Diligent home care and dietary habits are the most important factors to a child's dental health. We encourage all parents to read and emphasize these key elements at home. Habit formation is the process by which new behaviors become automatic. If getting ready for bed or waking up in the morning always includes a change of clothes, a trip to the bathroom to brush teeth, a hug and a kiss, you have a routine and those habits save teeth!


How can I prepare my child for their first dental appointment?

The best preparation for your child's first visit to our office is maintaining a positive attitude. Children pick up on adults' apprehensions, and if you make negative comments about trips to the dentist you can be sure that your child will fear an unpleasant experience and act accordingly. Show your child pictures of our office, Dr. Wappett and our team. Let your child know that it's important to keep their teeth and gums healthy. A dentist is a doctor for the mouth. Dr. Wappett is here to help keep their teeth healthy. If possible, fill out new patient paperwork prior to the first appointment so you can focus on your child by chatting or reading a book together when you arrive. Our staff will help to manage fears and anxiety and help to put your child at ease during treatment.

All parents want the best for their child. We do too! Our office is a friendly environment where most children feel comfortable receiving care. It is important to us that dental care meets every individual's needs, this includes your child! After your first evaluation, we will determine the best frequency for their return visits for cleanings, exams or any restorative treatment. On occasion, a referral to a pediatric dentist who specializes exclusively in the dental care of children may be needed for some children.

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